About Me

Hello! My name is Adele, thank you for visiting my blog!

I am very passionate about health and wellness, so writing this blog came naturally to me.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for quite a while now, an avid learner on how to improve my lifestyle, both health-wise and financially. I constantly read and do research on various health issues that I am personally facing as a new mom. I am sharing here all type of information that really caught my attention. Sometimes I recommend products that I personally use and also promote as an affiliate marketer, so yes, I get commissions if someone purchases following my link.

Some of the articles published on this blog are essays that I wrote for various college classes that I occasionally tutor. I also publish on other social media platforms… What can I say? I love being present!

Thank you again for stopping by and enjoy my blog! Any comments are appreciated. You can find me on other social media platforms by clicking the icons. Let’s connect!

The fastest way to reach me is to email me @ adele143a@gmail.com – I read and answers ALL my emails! 🙂