Advantages And Disadvantages Of Healthy Food

Lisa asks…

How much calories does healthy food have compared to junk food?

Just how much calories is healthy food, and how much calories does junk food have. No long answers please just numbers.

healthsolutions answers:

This depends massively on what junk food and what healthy food we’re comparing. However, fruit and vegetables will nearly always have less calories than cakes, pastries, etc. I remember curiously reading the nutrition info on a McDonalds once when I was sixteen and suddenly losing my appetite. A normal McDonalds meal is 2000 calories. That’s your full daily allowance in one meal.

Chris asks…

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food?

I am doing a Healthy and Unhealthy food poster. I need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food
Also i need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of Junk food?
(It is a weird question i know)..
thanks everyone for your help i think my poster is going to get a fine grade

healthsolutions answers:

Healthy food advantages-
Can lower risks of diseases and cancers
Help you keep active providing energy
Aid in restful sleep
Keep you relaxed
Prevent you from becoming obese
Can make you live longer
Healthy disadvantages-
Usually more expensive
Harder to make meals out of
Quite boring and repetitive

Junk advan.-
Cheaper to buy
Easier to make meals out of
Widely available
Suppress cravings

Junk disad.-
Can cause obesity
Can cause heart problems
Can rot your teeth
Provide many calories with little nutritional value
Raise your blood pressure because of salt, and therefore make it more likely for you to have a heart attack

Joseph asks…

How do I get my 10year old boy with Aspergers Syndrome to eat healthy food?

My 10 year old has Aspergers syndrom and will not eat healthy food, he only eats beige food and will not eat anything but chips, hotdogs, chicken nuggets (horrible cheap ones). He eats some fruit but will not touch veg. I have tried games, forcing, starving (a day only) but to no avail. He is overweight and seriously needs to lose some weight. Please Help!!!

healthsolutions answers:

Try writing a social story about healthy eating. Include pictures of healthy foods and talk about how strong and energetic he’ll feel if he eats those foods. Try to include a picture of him smiling and happy and say that’s how he’ll be more often if he eats right. Also include unhealthy foods and pictures of really heavy people looking unhappy because they ate those foods too much. Social stories might take a little bit of effort to create, but for whatever reason they really work most of the time. Read it with him often and talk about it. When I write a social story I just tape the pictures down to the pages with print on them, then put the pages in those clear paper covers and put it all in a 3-pronged binder to make the book. Good luck and I hope this helps!!

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