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    Lobster Feast on Sunday

    My son-in-law surprised us with two live lobsters! The surprise got even bigger when he announced us that he will cook the lobsters! So here are a few shots I took, to make this event really memorable. This is the dish he made. Lobster with lemony-buttery sauce and mashed potatoes. The lobsters were boiled for 1o minutes and became red. The meat was carefully taken out of the shells and claws. He peeled potatoes, boiled them, added some milk and butter and mashed them manually. He added salt and pepper. In a separate pan, he melted some butter, added the lobster, some chopped scallions and lemon juice; cooked it for…

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    Star Fruit Fun Facts

    Star fruit or Carambola is a tropical fruit that can be also found in the US supermarkets. People love the perfect star formation when the fruit is sliced around the middle. It is fun to serve it as a garnish or in salads with other fruits. I had the privilege to live in the Caribbean for a while, so I got really familiar to this delicious fruit. There was a Carambola tree right in front of the house I was renting. That tree was sooo productive! The fruits looked so weird to me, like little lanterns! They were growing quite fast, from tiny green bulbs to fist-sized-juicy-oblong pieces of heaven.…

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    What is Dragon Fruit?

    Hello my friends! Today I want to share a few facts about a very interesting fruit I found in the farmers’ market. DRAGON FRUIT. I live in USA, New Jersey, and for us this fruit is considered exotic, as it is primarily grown in Asia. It is also found in Mexico, Central and South America. Its flesh is sweet, somewhere between pear and kiwi. It has black seeds that are edible too. Here is how it looked in the farmers’ market. The selling price was $6.99 per one piece, quite pricey! Palm sized, as you can see it in my hand. I gathered some information about this fruit, regarding health…

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    What is Quince Fruit?

    Quince is a fruit in the same family of apples and pears. The immature fruit is green, and when it ripens becomes yellow. Its flesh is hard, with a very strong perfume. This fruit is native to South-West Asia, Central Europe, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, northern Iran to Afghanistan. I grew up in Romania and we had a quince tree in the backyard. So quince was a staple in our homemade deserts. I loved the jam my mother used to make every fall. The whole house smelled so heavenly delicious! When I moved to US, I was so disappointed as I couldn’t find quince fruit in my local supermarket, only in…

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    30 Count CBD Gummies

    This is my favorite package, 30 count, as I take only one CBD gummies per day, in the early afternoon. So this bottle lasts me one month 😉 Product Info • 30 count of CBD Gummies • 15 mg of CBD per gummy, 450 mg of CBD per bottle Here are some of our customers reviews who use the CBD gummies 🙂 Hemp Bombs 30-count CBD gummies – $59.99 Back to Hemp Bombs Gummies