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    Have you seen these cool face masks?

    Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be so boring! I am glad to see that some companies stepped up and put their designers at work! Besides being so cool, these masks are very good quality too, they feature a filter pocket. Ordering is very easy, just choose your mask size (adult or kid) and upload a clear selfie. That’s it! You will receive your selfie mask in 3-4 days. Price $19.99. Affordable, not bad at all, you can wash and re-use the mask over and over again, just change the filter, for added protection. The masks comes with one filter, but you can make filters at home from regular…

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    Face Masks vs Neck Gaiters

    Face coverings are required whenever in public, so they became a necessity during this pandemic. Hundreds of retailers began selling a huge variety of face masks. However, some people don’t find face masks comfortable and here comes the NECK GAITER! A great alternative to face masks, neck gaiters offer protection. Of course, there will always be a debate on which one is better. 🙃 There are too many factors to take in consideration, so it is very difficult to compare and to decide that. The truth is that wearing a face covering OF ANY KIND is better than nothing. 😷 If you want to try wearing a face gaiter, I…

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    Hand Sanitizer Flash Sale – 51% off

    Hot product on sale this week at Boomer Naturals. Hand Sanitizer Bundle 🙂3 bottles (4 oz) for $7.83, limit 3 per customer. Here is the direct link to the flash sale. Shop Flash Sale Now To help you out more, I offer coupon code BESAFE, for additional 20% off. That is a total of 51% off your purchase. Just enter code BESAFE at checkout. Your bundle will come out at $6.27, that is $2.09 per bottle. Stay safe and healthy my friends!

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    Key nutrients for boosting your immunity

    In this post I would like to share some information on key nutrients that play a role in immunity, and food sources of them: Beta Carotene – carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, spinach, kale, broccoli, squash, cantaloupe. Beta carotene gets converted to vitamin A, which is essential for a strong immune system. It works by helping antibodies respond to toxins and foreign substances. Vitamin C – oranges, strawberries, broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, Brussels sprouts, red and green peppers, cooked cabbage, cauliflower.Vitamin C increases blood levels of antibodies and helps to differentiate white blood cells, which helps the body determine what kind of protection is needed. Vitamin D – eggs, fortified milk,…

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    Getting back to normal?

    Schools are reopening. It feels like our life is getting back to normal. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has gone nowhere. 🦠 Face masks are one of the most effective tools in stopping the spread of the virus, therefore many US states require wearing them. 😷 🔹A recent study on the effectiveness of face masks showed that N95 are the most protective, followed by the three-layer surgical masks and cotton masks. So… Our public health experts encourage us to wear face masks, but also advice us to wear masks that actually work! Let’s leave the N95 and surgical face masks for our essential workers and get us some reusable fabric masks!…