• disposable face masks
    Face Masks

    Disposable Protective Masks

    Do you need lightweight face masks? My company secured a large quantity in our warehouse in Nevada, so the shipping time is very short. These masks are made in China, like most of others. They are certified and approved. Minimum quantity is 120 pieces, price per piece is 90 cents, so minimum order is $108. Hurry while supplies last! You can chose the packaging… 10, 20, 50, 100 masks in a package, whatever suits your needs. In my case, I ordered packages of 10, but if you have a larger business, you can order 50 or more. For example, my sister runs a hair salon and she ordered packages of…

  • Reusable face masks
    Face Masks

    We All Need Masks

    Watch my short video here if you have 5 minutes 🙂 I live in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our state was badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, mid May, we are at almost 150,000 positive cases and 10, 000 deaths. On April 8th, our Gov. Phil Murphy issued an executive order, implementing some measures to limit the spread of the virus. Occupancy, social distancing, face coverings, wearing gloves are some examples. I see “face covering” and “gloves wearing” measures put in action here, in my neighborhood. There are signs on the grocery shop windows stating that you can’t enter the store if you don’t have them. The…

  • Namaste
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    Tips for Yoga Pose Dandasana

    Namaste! This is a customary Hindu greeting, as opposed to shaking hands in other parts of the world. Namaste is also a sign of respect. Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. I bow to you 🙂 The words are accompanied by a gesture, which is a slight bow. The palms and fingers touch each other, and the thumbs join in front of the heart. The gesture represents the belief that we all have a soul in our heat chakra. Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines physical postures, breathing and meditation techniques. As a physical exercise, yoga increases flexibility and strengthens muscles. This physical-only…

  • keto sushi
    Food Recipes

    Keto Sushi Recipes – Homemade Sushi Without Rice 🥑🥒🥕🍤🥓

    Keto diet is very popular. It is a diet very low in carbs and high in fat. I am not a fan of any diets, but my daughter is doing keto and she is happy with the weight loss results. Therefore, I came up with some food recipes that are very low in carbs. Today I want to share some no-rice sushi recipes. Yes, you heard that right! No rice, not even cauliflower rice! Below is a photo of her plate yesterday. Doesn’t look too bad, right? The carb count is extremely low, so she could eat as much as she wanted. Here is a plate. Sushi bites, Soy sauce,…

  • mexican food
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    Foodies – We love Mexican Food

    My daughter and I are foodies 😉 We love to go out and experiment new restaurants and new dishes. And we both love to take pictures. I wonder how restaurant owners feel when they see people taking pictures of their food?? Anyway, these pictures were taken in a Mexican restaurant were we had a blast. Chips and salsa, enchiladas, fajitas, margaritas, all soooo tasty. Note – You can find part of this post on Steemit, it is one of my favorite blogging platforms. Read it >>> here <<<