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    Making Health and Nutrition a Priority

    There is little doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives… from virtual classrooms to telecommuting and to outright quarantines. We must protect and improve our immune system. This is number one priority right now. How can we do that? By healthy eating. Here are some steps you can take to eat healthy: 1 – Begin by filling your plate with immune-boosting nutrients. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat a nutritious diet. That’s because our immune system relies on a steady supply of nutrients to do its job. Half of your plate should be veggies and fruits. 2- Eat more protein.…

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    Face Masks

    Hilarious Face Masks Parody of Iconic 90’s Seinfeld TV show – Must Watch

    Have you watched Seinfeld?For those of you who watched, you must remember the Soup Nazi and his famous line “No Soup for You” 🙂 Now, decades later, Boomer Naturals shot a comedy video that went viral. Their Donald Trump impersonator stepped into a New York Deli without a mask. Watch what happened, after the angry chef told him: “No Mask, No Soup” >>> Watch NOW <<< This parody hopefully made you laugh and also emphasized the importance of wearing masks in public. Many studies have shown that high quality, protective face masks can help save lives. This is a time for us to all come together to help protect all…

  • ear savers
    Face Masks

    New Accessory Gadget For Face Masks – Ear Savers

    Some of us must wear face masks all day long at work, and that could become painful, especially if the face masks have elastic ear loops. Boomer Naturals come out with a brilliant idea: ear savers! It is a cool gadget that relieves and stops the painful pressure on your ears, when you wear your face cover. => Ear savers are very easy to use; just hook the elastic ear loops of your face mask around the ear saver ends. => Ear savers are adjustable, with three levels to choose from, meaning that you can adjust the length according to your own head size. => Ear savers can be used…

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    Tips for Yoga Pose Sukhasana

    This post is about SUKHASANA (Easy Pose). The word sukha can also mean “happy” or “joyful.” So… easy, happy and joyful pose. Though called “easy”, this pose is not easy at all. I must mention that it is not recommended if you have a knee injury. If you have no problems with your knees, this pose provides many benefits, like strengthening the back and legs and also calming the brain. My personal tips: sit by the wall, it is much easier to align the spine Cross your shins, widen your knees, slip each foot beneath the opposite knee. Don’t tuck in the ankles. You must leave a gap between the…

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    Face Masks

    Disposable Protective Masks

    Do you need lightweight face masks? My company secured a large quantity in our warehouse in Nevada, so the shipping time is very short. These masks are made in China, like most of others. They are certified and approved. Minimum quantity is 120 pieces, price per piece is 90 cents, so minimum order is $108. Hurry while supplies last! You can chose the packaging… 10, 20, 50, 100 masks in a package, whatever suits your needs. In my case, I ordered packages of 10, but if you have a larger business, you can order 50 or more. For example, my sister runs a hair salon and she ordered packages of…