• my daughter and me

    Young Generation and Stress

    I recently had a conversation with my daughter about stress. She is a millennial. We were trying to determine if she experiences more stress than I did when I was her age. The answer is YES. There are more stress factors now than ever. Here are some of our arguments: Life is harder today than thirty years ago. I, as a parent, agree. When I was my daughter’s age, I had better job security, better housing market, no high interest loans and credit cards. Today, in this tough economic climate, young people have less job security and sky high house prices. These factors generate stress. Despite the fact that the…

  • teen curfew

    Is Teen Curfew A Good Idea?

    A while ago I wrote an article about discipline, trying to emphasize the importance of self-discipline in achieving great success in life. I still need to touch some other aspects of discipline, and I think teen curfew is a hot subject. I live in USA so I will refer to US laws, but the whole teen curfew idea is international. 🙂 Curfew laws typically restrict children to their homes during nighttime hours. Curfews are not just a product of today’s contemporary society. Teen curfews were put into action in the 1800’s; however, most of the cities that had them at that time didn’t have them enforced until the 1990’s. Youth…

  • discipline is freedom

    Importance Of Discipline In Life

    Discipline is freedom. Lots of people disagree with this statement, because for them discipline is just a word that means excessive work and absence of freedom. This is so far from the truth! Think of the freedom you have when you speak a foreign language! It might have taken you extra effort to learn another language, but this is a skill that definitely pays off and widens your possibilities of achieving greater success in life. Self-discipline involves acting according to what you THINK instead of how you FEEL. Often you have to sacrifice pleasures for things that really matter in life. A great example of self-discipline that comes in my…

  • thinking

    Motivation quote – It’s not the wind, it’s the sail

    “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” – Jim Rohn Let’s dig into this amazing quote. Things happen. Good things, as well as bad things. Your future is not determined by the things that happen, but by what you do about those things. Your future is determined by your actions. It’s not the wind that determines your destination, because the same wind blows on all of us. It is the way you set your sail. A better sail helps you rich your destination and makes you stand out in the crowd. How can you make a better…

  • stay focused

    How To Stay Focused

    In order to be a successful Blogger, you need to be able to keep your mind on what you’re doing! Blogging and writing in general are tough jobs that require maximum concentration. Not to mention the additional marketing and promoting efforts! Sometimes you are getting thoughts that are really intrusive and keep coming into your mind, does this happen to you? Well, it happens to me, so I guess it can happen to anyone. So, what are you going to do? You can interrupt a distracting thought with a short meditation, and here is the technique: Close your eyes and take one deep breath. Then follow your breath, from the…