Face Masks,  Healthy Life

Getting back to normal?

Schools are reopening. It feels like our life is getting back to normal. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has gone nowhere. 🦠

Face masks are one of the most effective tools in stopping the spread of the virus, therefore many US states require wearing them. 😷

🔹A recent study on the effectiveness of face masks showed that N95 are the most protective, followed by the three-layer surgical masks and cotton masks.

So… Our public health experts encourage us to wear face masks, but also advice us to wear masks that actually work!

Let’s leave the N95 and surgical face masks for our essential workers and get us some reusable fabric masks! Try to get cotton or cotton blend fabrics, at least 2 layers, and let’s keep going. We’ll get through this!

👀 Look how people lived through the influenza pandemic in 1918! We got to do what we got to do!

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