no soup for you
Face Masks

Hilarious Face Masks Parody of Iconic 90’s Seinfeld TV show – Must Watch

Have you watched Seinfeld?
For those of you who watched, you must remember the Soup Nazi and his famous line “No Soup for You” 🙂

Now, decades later, Boomer Naturals shot a comedy video that went viral. Their Donald Trump impersonator stepped into a New York Deli without a mask. Watch what happened, after the angry chef told him: “No Mask, No Soup”

>>> Watch NOW <<<

This parody hopefully made you laugh and also emphasized the importance of wearing masks in public. Many studies have shown that high quality, protective face masks can help save lives.

This is a time for us to all come together to help protect all of us from the virus that is spreading rapidly through our country.

If you need to buy good quality reusable face masks, go on Boomer Naturals website and use coupon code BESAFE that will give you 20% off instantly. They even have ‘NO MASK NO SOUP’ pattern in 3 colors!!!