Lifestyle is a key to good health

Healthy living is not just about eating well or breaking a sweat. The key to good health is healthy living. What that implies is that good health consists of both emotional and physical well-being in a positive and balanced environment. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a New Year’s resolution, nor is it a temporary diet in preparation for a big wedding or vacation to the beach. Rather, healthy living is a way of life, one that requires commitment and determination to achieve.

Aside from eating, there is also the component of exercise. A healthy person should aim for approximately 20-30 minutes of light to moderate exercise 5-6 times per week. This ensures healthy blood circulation and also helps to maintain a healthy weight. On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle will oftentimes lead to weight gain and low self-esteem, and in extreme cases, it can lead to obesity and health problems. Exercise does not have to seem like a chore; a person can exercise by walking his/her dog, doing housework, going for a quick walk, or swimming with friends. There are many creative ways to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.

There are times when everyday obstacles and issues lead to stress. Stress that is built up and left as inner emotions can oftentimes lead to depression and constant fatigue. This, in turn, will decrease motivation and lead to poor diet and lack of sleep. During times like these, it is important to seek friends and family; solitude might just worsen the situation. Practice deep breathing or do yoga to relax the nerves and calm the mind. A healthy lifestyle is difficult to achieve under stress and unhappiness.

Finally, it is important to stay positive and see the light in every situation. After all everyone is human, and everyone goes through the same hardships and failures in life. Do not be put down by a number on the scale or a day of overeating. Instead, realize that each new morning brings in a new chance to start over and reach the ultimate goal of good health.

Enjoy the company of friends, of family, and even of enemies because they are the people who make life interesting and unexpected each day. Eat well, drink water, sleep well, exercise, and keep a positive outlook on life. Stay persistent with healthy practices and a healthy lifestyle will become an easy and ideal way of living in the future.

Key To Good Health Is Lifestyle, Not Medicine

In a world loaded with drugs, pharmaceutical companies, and all kinds of artificial substances, it can be easy to neglect the more homeopathic and natural remedies out there. However, the key to good health is lifestyle and not medicine. It is not necessary to rely on medicine for every ailment, and there might be healthier ways to treat and prevent illness.

With flu season in full swing, there are lots of individuals who are relying on medicine – namely the flu shot – to prevent illness. While the concept of having a vaccine quickly shot into one’s arm might seem simple, there are natural measures that can be taken to fortify the body against this inconvenient and very miserable sickness. A healthy lifestyle, first and foremost, should include cleanliness. This does not mean bleaching everything in sight and using tons of harsh chemicals. Rather, getting into the habit of washing one’s hands with soap, not putting one’s hands near one’s face after touching things that might carry germs, and not sharing drinks are great habits to get into. Keeping a natural, alcohol-free hand sanitizer in one’s bag at all times will kill germs without drying out hands. Another healthful way to keep the flu at bay so that medicines are not needed is to consume certain foods regularly. Green tea is thought to heighten the immune system. Vitamin C tablets do the same. Sweet potatoes, which have beta-carotene, can also strengthen one’s immune system. Specific types of mushrooms – cordyceps and reishi, for example – also fall into this category of making the body strong against illness. Flax oil, which is natural, easy to take, and readily available in stores, also defends against pesky sicknesses such as the flu. A cough can be exhausting and unpleasant, but don’t reach for that cough syrup just yet. Herbs, supplements, and hot tea or water with freshly squeezed lemon juice can get rid of it faster and easier.

Smokers are more prone to coughs, asthma, and tons of illnesses (including cancers of all sorts). By avoiding smoking, people will protect themselves from regularly getting sick. Some of the most serious, heavy duty medicines around – radiation and chemotherapy, which are hardcore treatments that can wreak havoc on the body – go hand in hand with cancer. Not smoking might not guarantee that one will not get some sort of cancer, but it dramatically cuts one’s risk of getting it, as well as numerous other ailments.

Heavy drinking can damage the liver, and this can lead to health problems later on. These health problems will require medicine. An easy way to avoid this is to place limits on alcohol consumption, stick with healthier drinks like red wines, and to hydrate properly when drinking.

Tanning and abusing the sun (tanning beds as well) can lead to lots of damage. To avoid unnecessary medical interventions, people should use sunscreen, wear wide-brimmed hats, and limit sun exposure. Vitamin D is essential, so it is good to take supplements and get an adequate amount of real sunshine, just as long as this is done smartly.

Finally, essential oils can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and can eliminate the need for tons of drugs and medicines. For example, to kill germs and improve breathing – while clearing toxins out of the body – essential oil can be added to water and inhaled while the user has their head under a towel. Lavender can be added to bathes to soothe aches and ease away stress. Peppermint can ease stomach issues. There are tons of essential oils that, when used regularly, facilitate good health and an improved mood and mind.