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Lobster Feast on Sunday

My son-in-law surprised us with two live lobsters! The surprise got even bigger when he announced us that he will cook the lobsters! So here are a few shots I took, to make this event really memorable.

This is the dish he made. Lobster with lemony-buttery sauce and mashed potatoes.

The lobsters were boiled for 1o minutes and became red.

The meat was carefully taken out of the shells and claws.

He peeled potatoes, boiled them, added some milk and butter and mashed them manually. He added salt and pepper.

In a separate pan, he melted some butter, added the lobster, some chopped scallions and lemon juice; cooked it for a minute or two.

He finished the dish by pouring some extra sauce on the mashed potatoes and some fresh scallions.

Look at his big smile! He got a lot of compliments from us, he surely deserved it, the dish was amazing, delicate and refined! Great job, Juan!