Nutrition Is A Key To Good Health

There are lots of foods that can enhance one’s overall health. Perhaps a good starting point for a healthy diet is water. While this might seem strange – after all, water does not contain vitamins, minerals, calories, etc. – water is essential. People are primarily composed of water, so it makes sense that they should need to consume lots of it. Water hydrates, and this makes one’s skin more supple and attractive. Water flushes out toxins and also keeps people from becoming too hungry, thus making them want to overeat and consume junk food. This liquid flushes out the system and is vital to life. For the person who does not like plain water, some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice will perk up the taste while adding citric acids, which are very healthy. Hot tea (without anything added) can also hydrate, as long as it is decaffeinated. Many teas also have antioxidants, so this is an added bonus.

Carbohydrates have been strongly debated. Some feel that the less carbs in one’s diet, the better. However, there are healthful carbs that provide fiber, keeping bodies regular and also preventing hunger from striking. Whole grains, oatmeal, and other wholesome carbohydrates should be part of one’s diet, as long as one is not allergic to gluten.

Good health means enjoying vitality with little illness. With this being said, there are lots of nutritional methods that can keep illness at bay. Many foods have healing properties. Kiwi, for example, can reduce blood pressure, thin the blood, and combat cancer and heart disease. Cherries are anti-inflammatory and are thought to fight cancer. Cherries contain properties that are antiviral and antibacterial, and can reduce the risk of colon cancer, heart attacks, stroke, and even gout. Another great food that enhances one’s health through nutrition is the bean. Cholesterol can be lowered by eating these, and they have lots of fiber and protein. Bone loss can be aided by consuming watercress, which is low in calories but very high in calcium. Good eyesight can be obtained by regular consumption of spinach, which also is thought to prevent many kinds of cancer.

There are lots of other foods that can aid one’s health through consumption. Onions are thought to fight cancer and bone loss. Carrots, which have been touted for their benefits to the eyes, also have a host of other powers. They can prevent a plethora of cancers, can help the immune system, and support the ears. Cabbage, once thought of as a mere side or condiment, is a super food that is rich in Vitamin C. It fights free radicals, detoxifies the body, helps the bones to be strong, and prevents cancer.

Perhaps another important aspect of good nutrition for good health is to consume raw food. Fruits and vegetables are fantastic for one’s health, and while eating them cooked isn’t the worst thing in the world, eating them raw is much better. Since they are uncooked, their nutrients are intact. The body can get the out most benefit from all the goodness they have to offer. It is important to vary what kinds of fruits and vegetables one consumes.

It is also quite important to make sure that what one is eating is safe, that is, not covered in pesticides. If one cannot buy all organic food, it is a good idea to purchase an all-natural produce spray that will clean off the waxes and chemicals that are used to protect foods from being eaten by pests. Eating organic food regularly and not sporadically can be a great way to utilize nutrition for health gains.