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    Hot Spinach Dip

    This is my favorite spinach dip recipe that I want to share. Easy to make, not many ingredients, easy to remember, versatile and oh-so-tasty. It goes with crackers, tortilla chips, any flat bread like tortillas, roti or pita, any other bread, as a spread, or use it like a side dish for chicken or turkey. What you need is a pack of frozen spinach, onion, garlic, cream cheese, tomato sauce, limes and some spices. Start by thawing down the spinach. I usually wash and rinse it. Don’t need to squeeze it, like in other recipes. Just drain it. Chop onion and garlic. I use a medium red onion and 4-5…

  • Easy Pork Roulade
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    How to Prepare a Pork Roulade

    When you hear “pork roulade“, you imagine something very difficult to cook. It’s not difficult at all! Just pound out a nice piece of tenderloin, stuff it will spinach and some cream cheese, roll it up and use toothpicks to keep it in place and throw it in the oven for one hour or so… easy breezy … Here are my tricks on how to perfect this amazing dish. Please find your favorite food recipe first! Mine is with sausage. After pounding the pork, spread a layer of sausage meat, and then put the raw spinach and small cubes of cream cheese. I like the Italian sausage, but you can…

  • indian eggplant
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    About Eggplants

    Eggplants are found in the produce department of every American grocery. They come in different varieties of shapes, sizes and colors. From large to small, round, oblong, long… from purple to white or even green. The small ones are called Indian eggplants. Below are the large, dark variety. They are popular in Europe. And these are the long eggplants, called Chinese. Why they are called eggplants? Because the first plants introduced to America were white and egg shaped. So what are eggplants? Fruits or veggies? By botanical definition, eggplant is a berry, so it is a fruit, but it is considered a vegetable. Either fruit or veggie, eggplant is delicious…

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    Lobster Feast on Sunday

    My son-in-law surprised us with two live lobsters! The surprise got even bigger when he announced us that he will cook the lobsters! So here are a few shots I took, to make this event really memorable. This is the dish he made. Lobster with lemony-buttery sauce and mashed potatoes. The lobsters were boiled for 1o minutes and became red. The meat was carefully taken out of the shells and claws. He peeled potatoes, boiled them, added some milk and butter and mashed them manually. He added salt and pepper. In a separate pan, he melted some butter, added the lobster, some chopped scallions and lemon juice; cooked it for…