• gnocchi with spinach
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    Simple Vegetarian Dish – Gnocchi with Spinach

    I made this simple veggie dish that came out really nice, so I decided to share the recipe. I used a pack of gnocchi, a pack of frozen spinach, onion and garlic. First you must prepare the gnocchi, just follow the instructions on the pack, it takes 3 minutes. Drain. Let spinach thaw down and remove excess water. Chop onion and garlic. Cook them with spinach in a pan. I did not use any oil. Add 1/2 cup tomato sauce, and let it simmer. Add salt and pepper according to your taste and a some grated nutmeg. The nutmeg will make a huge difference! When fully cooked, add the gnocchi…

  • steamed salmon with zucchini spirals
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    Steamed Salmon and Zucchini Spirals

    This is a 5 minutes recipe for less than $5. No fat, no cholesterol, low calories. Ingredients: one piece of frozen salmon, one bag of frozen zucchini spirals, some parsley. Steam salmon and zucchini in separate pots with little water. Don’t forget the salt and pepper! Place everything on a plate and sprinkle some chopped parsley. Healthy and delicious! NOTE – You can find part of this post on Steemit, it is one of my favorite blogging platforms. Read it >>> here <<<

  • healthy lunch
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    My Low Calories Lunch Recipe

    Are you on a diet? Or do you want to eat healthy? I am sharing my 350 calories lunch recipe. It is satisfying, low in calories and fat, and also very delicious. I can eat this every day! You can add to it, but make sure you check how many calories you are adding. If you want to lose weight, you must keep your calories intake under $1200 per day, no sugar added!!!!Also, pay attention to the dressing and read the label. It says how many calories per serving (2 tsp 30ml). So, here it is: one piece of grilled chicken breast (palm-size) – 180 cal wheat pita bread 1/2…

  • dosa
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    My Favorite Ethnic Food – Indian Breakfast

    Today I had the taste for an ethnic breakfast, and I chose Indian, because there is an Indian restaurant nearby. πŸ˜‹ So… I ordered a plain, crispy dosa. It came like this: For people who never tried this dish… you guys are missing out a lot. This dish is originally from southern India. It is like a crepe, made out of rice flour though. It is served with a cup of soup-like or stew, called sambar and two additional sauces called chutney. The white one is made with coconut and the red one is a hot salsa made with chili peppers. Every time I order this dish I am very…

  • spinach dip
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    Hot Spinach Dip

    This is my favorite spinach dip recipe that I want to share. Easy to make, not many ingredients, easy to remember, versatile and oh-so-tasty. It goes with crackers, tortilla chips, any flat bread like tortillas, roti or pita, any other bread, as a spread, or use it like a side dish for chicken or turkey. What you need is a pack of frozen spinach, onion, garlic, cream cheese, tomato sauce, limes and some spices. Start by thawing down the spinach. I usually wash and rinse it. Don’t need to squeeze it, like in other recipes. Just drain it. Chop onion and garlic. I use a medium red onion and 4-5…