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    Foodies – We love Mexican Food

    My daughter and I are foodies 😉 We love to go out and experiment new restaurants and new dishes. And we both love to take pictures. I wonder how restaurant owners feel when they see people taking pictures of their food?? Anyway, these pictures were taken in a Mexican restaurant were we had a blast. Chips and salsa, enchiladas, fajitas, margaritas, all soooo tasty. Note – You can find part of this post on Steemit, it is one of my favorite blogging platforms. Read it >>> here <<<

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    About Eggplants

    Eggplants are found in the produce department of every American grocery. They come in different varieties of shapes, sizes and colors. From large to small, round, oblong, long… from purple to white or even green. The small ones are called Indian eggplants. Below are the large, dark variety. They are popular in Europe. And these are the long eggplants, called Chinese. Why they are called eggplants? Because the first plants introduced to America were white and egg shaped. So what are eggplants? Fruits or veggies? By botanical definition, eggplant is a berry, so it is a fruit, but it is considered a vegetable. Either fruit or veggie, eggplant is delicious…

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    What is Dragon Fruit?

    Hello my friends! Today I want to share a few facts about a very interesting fruit I found in the farmers’ market. DRAGON FRUIT. I live in USA, New Jersey, and for us this fruit is considered exotic, as it is primarily grown in Asia. It is also found in Mexico, Central and South America. Its flesh is sweet, somewhere between pear and kiwi. It has black seeds that are edible too. Here is how it looked in the farmers’ market. The selling price was $6.99 per one piece, quite pricey! Palm sized, as you can see it in my hand. I gathered some information about this fruit, regarding health…