Young Generation and Stress

Why Young Generation Experience More Stress Than Their Parents When They Were Same Age

~ written by my daughter, who is a Millennial ~

We, the young generation, are actually more stressed than our parents when they were our age. Life is harder today than thirty years ago, and it is not just we are saying that, our parents agree. When our parents were our age, they had better job security, better housing market, no high interest loans and credit cards. Today, in this tough economic climate, we have less job security and sky high house prices. These factors generate stress. A recent survey revealed that 41 percent twenty-year old people experience regular or constant stress.

Despite the fact that we have access to personal technology, comparatively bigger salaries and better working conditions, we do face a more significant range of threats to happiness and contentment. For example, when my parents were my age, it was all about babies and having fun. For me, it is all about planning for the future, fretting over my finances, investing time and effort in eating healthy and not at all about marriage.

In general, people my age (millennials) want to make a lot of money quickly than the older generation did when they were that age. Young men and women are more materialistic than were their parents’ generation. Having money has become a life goal because we all thrive for a high standard of living. We certainly go thorough lots of challenges and pressures as we’re constantly rushing around. We have to put more effort in keeping fit and healthy and also having fun.

For us who are working and also attend school, life is even harder, as the work load is a lot heavier and there is a lot of pressure to do well in school. The number one challenge is to balance all these responsibilities. It’s hard to manage it all.

Overall, we don’t get enough sleep and many of us don’t exercise enough, both of which can make stress worse.

Today we have access to numerous digital technologies that require focus. For example, it can be really stressful managing time spent on social media. Our parents didn’t have to deal with this stress; they didn’t grow up in the digital age.

And lastly, because of the busy lifestyle, we don’t find time to spend with family and friends, like our parents did when they were our age and had lots of fun. An annual survey of college freshmen taken by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute found that incoming students at four-year colleges and universities last fall devoted half as many hours to hanging out with friends during their final year of high school as students who entered college in 1987.