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Tips for Yoga Pose Dandasana


This is a customary Hindu greeting, as opposed to shaking hands in other parts of the world.

Namaste is also a sign of respect. Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you.

I bow to you 🙂

The words are accompanied by a gesture, which is a slight bow. The palms and fingers touch each other, and the thumbs join in front of the heart. The gesture represents the belief that we all have a soul in our heat chakra.

Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines physical postures, breathing and meditation techniques.

As a physical exercise, yoga increases flexibility and strengthens muscles. This physical-only aspect of yoga is actually called asana, which means physical posture.

This post is about Dandasana or Staff Pose. It is a seated position, and it is one of the basic pose in modern yoga exercise. Here is a picture of the pose, I see it as an L shape, with activated leg muscles and deep breathing. I usually start my Yoga routine with this pose, inhaling/exhaling 5 times.

Besides improving posture, Dandasana stretches and strengthens the upper body: shoulders, back, chest, and abdomen.

This pose is known to help with sciatica, asthma and respiratory problems. It also helps with relieving stress and improving concentration.

My Tips

I think Dandasana is a very important pose that must be executed correctly, as it translates to the rest of seated poses. So you must learn how to sit up straight.

  • Firstly, you must keep the balance of your weight across both sit bones. I usually shift my hips before starting the pose.
    Secondly, pay attention to your big toes and align your feet. Then focus on your ankles, go up to your calf, then thighs. I call this step being aware of your legs.
    Last step is the body awareness: pelvis and all bones, up to the head.

This is what I call sitting tall!

Honestly, I practice the sitting tall technique many times throughout the day, as I work in front of my computer and I find myself slouching a lot. I take breaks, go sit on the floor and stretch my legs.

And you know something else? I think I walk taller!

Why don’t you try it too? My daughter started to do it recently and she noticed that somehow there is more balance in her life. Honestly, I think she walks more gracefully lately. 🙂