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Tips for Yoga Pose Sukhasana

This post is about SUKHASANA (Easy Pose). The word sukha can also mean “happy” or “joyful.” So… easy, happy and joyful pose.

Though called “easy”, this pose is not easy at all. I must mention that it is not recommended if you have a knee injury. If you have no problems with your knees, this pose provides many benefits, like strengthening the back and legs and also calming the brain.

My personal tips:

  • sit by the wall, it is much easier to align the spine
  • Cross your shins, widen your knees, slip each foot beneath the opposite knee. Don’t tuck in the ankles. You must leave a gap between the feet and the pelvis.
  • Your pelvis must be in a neutral position, so find the balance by shifting your bottom
  • You can sit in this position for any length of time, but you must alternate the cross of your legs. I usually practice five breaths repetitions with my right leg forward and the last five with my left leg forward.
  • Practice makes it perfect. You will make many small adjustments as you practice. The repeated practice will tone your core muscles.

You can do various exercises in this pose; I have only two at this time, as I just started practicing. Here they are:

Exercise 1 – Arms Up

Interlace and seal your fingers, extend your arms overhead, and stretch. Extend your spine and stay firm through the sitting bones, hips, legs, and feet. Release the pose, change the cross of your legs and repeat.

Exercise 2 – Fold Over Legs

Fold forward over your legs. Stretch your arms fully forward and try to touch the floor. Relax the legs and soften the tension in your body. Breath a few times. Release the pose, change the cross of your legs and repeat.

Sukhasana and Meditation

This pose is perfect for meditation. Just by sitting in this way makes me feel special. I feel centered and focused. I pay more attention to my breath and to my inner feelings, like the inner movements of my body.

Sounds weird, but it works.

For example, I follow the breath of air I take in, from my nostrils, all the way down my lungs… or I release tension in my face by softening the muscles at my eyebrows, my chicks… you got the idea…. This technique improves the ability to relax.

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