Reusable face masks
Face Masks

We All Need Masks

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I live in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our state was badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, mid May, we are at almost 150,000 positive cases and 10, 000 deaths.

On April 8th, our Gov. Phil Murphy issued an executive order, implementing some measures to limit the spread of the virus. Occupancy, social distancing, face coverings, wearing gloves are some examples.

I see “face covering” and “gloves wearing” measures put in action here, in my neighborhood. There are signs on the grocery shop windows stating that you can’t enter the store if you don’t have them.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises the use of cloth face coverings in public places, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. They explain that many people are asymptomatic, but they can transmit the virus to others who can fall really sick. The virus can be spread by sneezing, coughing, even speaking. By wearing a mask, you protect others!

So… we all need masks!

I am a crafty person and I managed to make a few masks for myself, my family and some of my friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough hours in a day to make masks and also to work to pay my bills… so I started to look around for a company that sells them, here in USA. I say here, in USA, just to make sure I can get those masks fast, not wait 30 days to come from China!

I found Boomer Naturals, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I ordered 2 reusable masks from them on a Friday and I received them on Wednesday. I also received a coupon for 20% off that I can share with all of you. BESAFE – enter at checkout 🙂

I was very pleased with the masks and the service and I decided to start recommending their products. The rest is history. I am happy to promote this company, I become one of their ambassadors, and recently an account manager for the wholesale division. So, yes, I am making a commission when people buy the products, but the biggest reward is the fact that I help people to get those masks that we totally need.

Good quality masks, at affordable price, shipped fast.

Who said that GOOD, CHEAP and FAST don’t go together???? Boomer Naturals proves this wrong!!!

Here are some key features of Boomer Naturals masks, you will find full details on the website.

  • soft material with 92.2% anti-bacterial protection provided by cotton fibers that are treated with silver nanoparticles. (Silver nanoparticles have been proven to be active against several types of viruses, including HIV, hepatitis B virus, herpes simplex virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and monkeypox virus.)
  • 65% cotton/35% polyester blend.
  • comfortable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, perfect all-day wear.
  • 3 layers to prevent droplets from spreading: an inner hydrophilic layer, a middle filter layer, and an outer hydrophobic layer.
  • masks may be worn and washed up to 30 times.
  • Boomer masks are made in Vietnam, (tested and approved), warehouse in USA.

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ALSO …. If you want to help spread the word, sell masks to help your community fight this virus and have a little money gig on the side, please contact me, I will hook you up. The company is not operating an affiliate platform at this time, but they can manage a few good sales assistants!