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Young Generation and Stress

I recently had a conversation with my daughter about stress. She is a millennial. We were trying to determine if she experiences more stress than I did when I was her age.

The answer is YES. There are more stress factors now than ever. Here are some of our arguments:

Life is harder today than thirty years ago.

I, as a parent, agree. When I was my daughter’s age, I had better job security, better housing market, no high interest loans and credit cards. Today, in this tough economic climate, young people have less job security and sky high house prices. These factors generate stress.

Despite the fact that the young generation has access to personal technology, bigger salaries and better working conditions, they DO face a more significant range of threats to happiness and contentment.

I, as a parent, agree with that again. When I was my daughter’s age, it was all about babies and having fun. For my daughter today is all about planning for the future, worrying about her finances, investing time and effort in eating healthy and not at all about marriage.

For young people who are working and also attend school, life is even harder, as the work load is a lot heavier and there is a lot of pressure to do well in school. The number one challenge is to balance all these responsibilities. It’s hard to manage it all.

The access to numerous digital technologies is becoming a real stress factor, because it requires focus. For example, it can be really stressful managing time spent on social media. I, as a parent, agree with that. I didn’t have to deal with this stress; I didn’t grow up in the digital age.

And our last argument was about FUN. Because of my daughter’s busy lifestyle, she doesn’t find time to spend with family and friends and have real fun. And this is another huge stress factor.

Don’t you agree?


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